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Shaper Supply carries polyester and epoxy resins for use in surfboard, marine, and aerospace construction.

Polyester resin is the most common resin and is only compatible with urethane foam. It is not compatible with styrofoam blanks (EPS, XPS etc.).  Our polyester resins are made in the USA and contains UV inhibitors.  Polyester Resin requires MEKP catalyst to harden. Surfacing agent can also be added to make sanding (or hotcoat) resin.

Epoxy resins have higher physical properties than polyester resins and are compatible with all types of foam.  We carry the Resin Research epoxy resins.  We have found this to be the highest quality epoxy available and it contains UV inhibitors which optically brightens the resin. Epoxies harden with the addition of hardener which is part of the kit package.